Q: what is the lesson format for the Guitar and Beyond online lesson program.
A: Lessons are in video format and when appropriate, downloadable written documents and audio files are included.

Q: I am brand new to guitar and music in general, will this course be too advanced or move too quickly?
A: This course features a section designed for the complete beginner. The advantage of this video online course is you can learn at your own pace. You can also replay each lesson video at your own discretion. Course material covers the basics and will serve as a foundation for the more advanced topics that are available in this program.

Q: What advantages would the Guitar and Beyond course have over other online courses such as those found on YouTube?
A: Unlike viewing random YouTube vídeos, you will be guided, step by step, through a structured curriculum. You also have the option of communicating with the instructor via email, video chat, and file sharing. The main objective is to provide students with the tools required to build a solid musical foundation.

Q: Upon enrolling, am I locked in to any long term contract and how would I cancel my membership?
A: You are not locked in to any contract. Memberships are automatically renewed on a monthly basis. Should you decide to cancel your membership, simply go to the “cancel membership” page, and click on “cancel”.