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Guitar and Beyond

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Musicians Corner has been a popular music educational facility for many years. We are now extending our services to include our “Guitar and Beyond” online guitar lesson series. This series is designed for the beginner through advanced guitar player. Our focus is on traditional jazz, jazz-rock fusion, rock and metal. Learn the guitar from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. You can start with the absolute basics. For instance, the Fretboard Basics section explains how to properly hold the guitar and basic chords. More experienced players can jump directly into the advanced section discussing scales, modes, improvisation, and more. Whichever level you begin with, you will develop playing skills beyond your expectations.

Guitar and Beyond

The fast track to playing like a pro


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Guitar and Beyond

The ultimate online guitar lesson course

Guitar and Beyond online guitar course
Guitar and Beyond

We understand music education, particularly, the guitar. What separates this course from other online courses is that you are not simply shown a few “hot licks” or note for note instruction of your favorite songs. The “spoon fed” method of teaching the instrument only allows you to walk away with limited knowledge and nothing more. Our program provides you with the skills not only to copy, but to create your own innovative ideas, just like the pros We are now bringing our expertise to you through this online video guitar instructional series. Our focus is to provide a theoretical understanding of music theory, technical skills, and the fundamentals of improvisation. This knowledge will help you develop as a player and improve your guitar playing skills beyond expectation. From the beginner to the experienced player, you are sure to take your playing to new heights.

What’s inside:



Fretboard Basics:

Musicians Corner offers this starter package for the complete beginner or those who simply feel that they need a refresher. You will be guided through the basics (i.e. how to hold the guitar, proper pick execution, basic chords and more).

Advanced Picking:

In this section, various essential advanced picking methods are demonstrated. For example, we discuss proper execution of alternate picking, legato technique, tremolo picking, sweep picking and more. These picking methods can be applied to any style of music. The next step is employing these picking methods in real world applications with licks using the above techniques. From straight ahead jazz to the heaviest rock, these techniques are essential to your playing skills.

Music Theory:

Our Guitar and Beyond series extends into an in-depth discussion of scales, modes and their uses, serving as an introduction to the world of improvisation. Expand your chord vocabulary and understand chord/scale relationships. But it does not stop there because we also concentrate on using chords in all styles of music. Hard rock/metal, traditional jazz comping, jazz-fusion, and altered blues are all fuel for our discussion on chords. Upon completion of this course, you will possess the ability to improvise over any chord progression presented to you. And when I say “improvise”, I am not talking about just playing scales. You will be playing clever and interesting lines like a pro.

Real world application of all of the above:

I will be providing you with some choice licks using the information covered. This will serve as an outline to help you develop your own unique and innovative style. The licks presented can be added to your lick library and modified to make them your own.

Study Resources:

Each video lesson, when appropriate, will be accompanied by downloadable printouts and/or audio tracks. The included printed material accompanying each lesson, features both standard music notation and tablature for ease in understanding.

Jazz Hangout:

When it comes to traditional jazz, it is a different world as compared to straight ahead rock/metal. We discuss chord voicings, jazz harmony, and improvising over chord changes. Even if you are not a jazz fan, the information found here can be applied to all musical styles.

Virtual Help:

I strongly encourage sending in video clips displaying of your progress or emailing questions. This gives us the opportunity to clear up any trouble areas pertaining to the material. If necessary, a live, virtual lesson can be arranged to assure you are on the right track.

Course Design and Features:

Each lesson is organized by topic (i.e. scales, picking methods, etc.). As an added feature, we included a “completion button” where you can manually click-on to mark that you have viewed the video, understand it’s contents, and are ready to move on to the next lesson. There is also a button that will take you easily to the next suggested lesson or to review the previous lesson.

Course preview:

Click the above link and view a free preview of course curriculum.