Nick Schepisi
My interest in music began at a young age. Facinated by the role that the drums played with the big bands of the 1940's as well as the latest rock bands playing on the airwaves, it was no doubt that drums were my passion. I began studying with the best teachers in the local area including John Ragosta and then furthered my knowledge by studying with such notables as Berklee alumnus Lee Bernardo, and Carl Belmont where I was exposed to various styles of music, reading big band arrangements, music theory, and studio techniques. In later years, along with keeping a busy professional playing schedule, I began a private teaching career and taught at several music lesson establishments in the tristate area. I am experienced in many styles of music including rock, blues, jazz, country and Latin idioms. When meeting a student for the first time, I always try to find the area of music that interests him/her which serves as a focus of the lessons and we are able to make the learning process both exciting and enjoyable.