Instructor Bio

My fascination with the guitar began at an early age. I became serious about the instrument after hearing Jeff Beck’s “Blow by Blow” album, an album which I consider to have served as a turning point of my musical development. This experience sparked my interest in other artists associated with the jazz/rock fusion, traditional jazz, and the hard rock/metal genre.


Through various guitar instructors, I was introduced to traditional jazz artists such as Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, and Tal Falow. I later found inspiration from players of a more avant-garde styling such as Ralph Towner and John Abercrombie. Other major influnences include Pat Metheny, Bill Connors, Tommy Bolin, and Roy Buchanan. I also gained an interest in guitar synthesizers and electronic music in general, always keeping an open mind to anything new and interesting that would come my way.

Education and interests:

I was fortunate to have studied with many top guitar instructors in the Rhode Island and Boston area. Currently, I concentrate on performing as a solo jazz guitarist in the Boston, Rhode Island and Connecticut area. I am also a veteran of several cover and original bands.

I wrote and performed on a home video guitar course concentrating on technique, and music theory. The course emphasized proper technique, scales, chord construction, chord/scale relationships, and improvisation. The instructional series was advertised in national guitar publications such as Guitar World Magazine and sent to subscribers throughout the USA on a monthly basis. On multiple occasions, I have been contracted to demonstrate a new line of guitar effects at the annual NAMM show in Nashville, TN and Anaheim, CA.

I acquired an interest in acoustic music and added a 21 string Harp Guitar to my arsenal of instruments. Although I have played solo jazz guitar for several years, the harp guitar opens up a world of possibilities. It also serves as a wonderful tool for composing. In addition, I also own and operate a music lesson facility that provides private music instruction for more than 300 students.

Virtual help:

The Guitar and Beyond course is designed to help the student develop his or her own musical style. I also encourage students to send questions and videos to me to discuss trouble areas. This will provide us with a one on one virtual association that will prove beneficial for the student.


Crystal Silence (available on Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora)

Outta Space

Exhale (available on Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora)